Virtual showrooms that are adapted to Ecommerce

Increase online engagement and trust

Spinframe Digital Showrooms makes it possible to display all the inventory of the vehicles in a uniform and intuitive manner in order to motivate the customer to take action. The virtual showroom allows you to experience the variety of vehicles and service directly from the comfort of your living room, while displaying sales support information in a simple and intuitive way. The interface can be embedded in the brand’s website, POS terminals at the branches, and any digital asset of the organization


The interface allows you to navigate between different vehicles and select different combinations of the vehicle. Each combination is reloaded and allows to add additional layers of selection that are presented to the client in real time. At the end of the process you can share the selected vehicle and share the information with the physical showroom

Upload hundreds of different configurationS in one screen

RIms, colors, finishing levels, upholstery, prices and more can be updated in the virtual showroom. Each choice is loaded in real time and enables quick navigation between the various options of the vehicle in a friendly and fast manner

Easy and efficient updating via a proprietary management interface

All data in the system including synchronization with ERP systems will be displayed in the management system. You can enter the information manually or via the interface to your organization’s inventory management systems under model numbers, colors and finish levels of the manufacturer.

Deep analytics for insights into the flow of the purchasing path

Any action taken in the interface is recorded and saved with direct synchronization to Google Analytics. The information received in the system is cataloged according to the type of media, the channel in which the customer is exposed to the information, and enables a clear picture of the process that the customer has gone through until details are left, a test drive is booked or an appointment to visit a showroom is made.

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