A real time high volume automatic photography system for operational centers, car sales and rental.

Interior and exterior photography of your organization's entire car fleet

Interior and exterior photography

Visual reception

Automatic license plate recognition

Real time data authentication

Operated by dedicated app

4K resolution photography

Make Spinframe Pro an integral part of your operational compound

Spineframe Pro comprises a user-friendly, user-defined application with a simple and intuitive management interface.

Documentation of the car and processing to the cloud within 27 seconds

Spinframe Pro conncects seamlessly to your operational process and is simple and intuitive to operate. The system is activated from any mobile device and is operated by the works on the operations floor

Step 1 - Pictures are taken with the dedicated app

Step 2 - Editing and processing of the pictures in the cloud

Step 3 - Automatic Publishing

Publish the information on the organization's website and to additional online assets

The PRO system ensures that all vehicle inventory on the site is displayed in a uniform and high quality manner. The photographed vehicles are transferred automatically to the organization’s assets for operational, commercial and marketing purposes. Data retrieval by the organization is carried out securely with very high data security standards

Sample website- Avis Israel 

Fast local installation

Installing the 4K cameras with the dedicated application and connection to the cloud from any point is simple and easy. The system can be deployed in operational compounds and car sales areas requiring only one single power socket

Connect to Spinframe Pro today and start selling more!