Delivering the next generation Automotive customer journey

Spinframe provides an interactive visual user experience that increases dramatically the engagement and conversion in all customer touching points

cloud-base technologies for the automotive industry


Creating e-commerce platforms with outstanding visual digital content​

Car Makers

Creating brand standard 360 spin photography professional interactive assets

Car Dealerships

Flow production solutions for automated car photography and publishing​


Interactive content based on 360⁰ spin photography for online marketing and e-commerce

Spinframe is a leader in the development and implementation of 360⁰ spin photography that is focused on the automotive industry's needs. With thousands of visual assets published, Spinframe has unequalized experience and know how to improve the conversion rate by investing in the customer experience


Creating one standard to present all cars on any device or screen

SpinframeSTOCK is a marketplace that allows importers and car companies to distribute interactive media to other entities that sell their models. It provides a wide selection of 360⁰ spin images that can be used. SpinframeSTOCK service assists in standardization and precise monitoring. 


the smart solution for car photography and documentation

Introducing SpinframePRO The world's most advanced vehicle photography and documentation system that includes AI capacities. SpinframePRO will help bring your car inventory online fast and efficiently in 4K resolution and publish them in real time to your website, DMS and car sales platforms.

CAR- Cloud Active Reception

360º Digital Service

CAR is an advanced cloud system for automotive market which allows to speed up and optimize all the service cycle and customer care in a digital way.

A solution that guarantees an online communication between repair shop and customer in all steps of the service cycle.

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